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ironman said:
vlad321 said:
CGI-Quality said:
vlad321 said:
Natal is amazing technology and absolutely awesome. However it is VERY shitty for video games.

You've used it? If not, a little premature don't ya think...?

I don't have to. No buttons = fail. Also the whole "imagine a wheel" shit fails miserably in Mair Kart, at least you GET some kind oof wheel there. I can onnly imagine this being just as bad when it comes to guns or magic or even someting as simple as walking/running around. Awesome tech, shitty gaming use.

lol, how will you want your crow? Broasted, or fried?

Please explain how I will move aroud in a world infinitely bigger than my living room using just motion controls. Then let's have some fun, make it so while running around you also must shoot, or do something magical, or say like... use a vehicle. Please explain, I'd love to hear it. This will be far more impactful on the PC than it will be for gaming.


As awesome and cool the iPhone is, it sure as hell wont be spitting out any toast or juicing any oranges any time soon.

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