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grapeape said:
letsdance said:
grapeape said:
I dont get the "experiment" thing...people tend to forget that the fallback excuse that they all make when debuting a new product...remember Reggie and the "ds" is not a replacement for the GBA but a side project comments? The Go's launch is by far the worst launch of a portable system by a major player in history. Even the virtual boy managed to sell over 100,000 in its first week, and no one disputed that as a failure (well I guess now some will defend it as an "experiment" too). I dont understand the "it makes money" argument either, do people think that it just popped out of a workbench somewhere for free, at the rate its going it will take months simply to recoup the development costs. Sony's spin is to save face, nothing more. The one thing it did seem to do in my area at least is seriously boost the sales of the slim...I think some falsely believe the slim is on its way out.

....the DS played completely different games than the GB the Go doesnt... your example is flawed.

No actually thats my point, when Reggies comments were made it was when they were still thinking of it as an "experiment", it was able to differentiate itself in the market enough that it was no longer an experiment and became the replacement that they said it would not be.  The Go has no real ability to differentiate itself unless they decide to ditch the fanbase they already have and release go only games on psn.  The DS was still able to play GBA carts and didnt loose that ability until the DSi.  Sony would have been smarter to transition towards the go rather than just drop in a handheld that appears to be nothing but a more expensive but less capable version of the handheld they had.

It cant differentiate because its the same console... why cant people grasp this? The Go isn't to get people interested in the PSP. The PSP games are what does that. The Go is to get people who are interested in the games for the PSP who are going to buy one to upgrade to the premium sku...

And how the fuck did sony just drop a console and not transition when the PSP 3000 is still availble? DO you understand what you are saying? You talking as if Sony only supports the Go now and droped the PSP and is now moving onto a next gen for handhelds... this is not the case. Its the same gen with the same support.