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grapeape said:
I dont get the "experiment" thing...people tend to forget that the fallback excuse that they all make when debuting a new product...remember Reggie and the "ds" is not a replacement for the GBA but a side project comments? The Go's launch is by far the worst launch of a portable system by a major player in history. Even the virtual boy managed to sell over 100,000 in its first week, and no one disputed that as a failure (well I guess now some will defend it as an "experiment" too). I dont understand the "it makes money" argument either, do people think that it just popped out of a workbench somewhere for free, at the rate its going it will take months simply to recoup the development costs. Sony's spin is to save face, nothing more. The one thing it did seem to do in my area at least is seriously boost the sales of the slim...I think some falsely believe the slim is on its way out.

....the DS played completely different games than the GB the Go doesnt... your example is flawed.