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superchunk said:
Rath said:
It's the GBA Micro of the generation.

This is how I see it.

Removes features of same company product for a higher cost. Seriously don't understand why anyone would choose GO over the 3000.

Erm no. You are paying for the conveniance. What would you do carry around 13 games with youno matter where you go and have a psp 3000 in your bag?


Or have a PSPgo with the games installed on it and carry it around in your pocket. It looks more stylish aswell.


Thats like saying oh why get a laptop when you get soo much more for your money with a desktop pc. Well a laptop is more convenient.


Really get over yourself. It isnt like sony have done away with the standard psp and said everyone who wants a psp now must get the GO. They have given you the option. They know that everyone isnt ready for a DD only device so they kept the 3000 on the market.

Obviously the GO isnt for you and you do not have any intentions in getting so why are yu still bitching about it?

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Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st