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MAFKKA said:
ironman said:
MAFKKA said:
Well like someone said.

Would a 120gb 360 for 350$ with no dvd drive sell?

When you're the only one on the market that have taken it to the next gen, you can hardly compare it to current gen. Otherwise this entire gen would be a flop since PS2 did it better.

I have an issue with your post, It could be interprated several ways. Please clarify.

Well a 360 with no DVD drive and big HDD = a PSP Go that has DD only and an amped up HDD. The "next gen" 360 wouldn't sell much, since its new territory (DD only). Just like the PSP Go is unexplored territory and people like UMD. Got to remember that Sony also have went public saying that they're also targeting the iPhone and iPod touch. With price (just below a 16gb ipod touch), "mini games" (apps), portability, Digital Distribution (app store) etc.

So.. as for PS2 did it better. This gen is a flop for PS3/360 since both have updated online features, community, HD, blu ray, movie stream/stores.. etc. While the much more simple PS2 sold alot better. Wii is doing good however.. kudos.


Ok, well, see, at least you are being consistant. I can't argue with that. However, I don't really think you can compair between gens because the demographics of gamers was so differant last gen.

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