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letsdance said:
ironman said:
letsdance said:

If he doesn't think it's a flop why is he saying people won't take me seriously because I don't think it's a flop? Is he saying no one is taking him seriously either.

If he doesn't think it's a flop why does he want to compare it to the DS when no one at all had any type of expectations like that?

First off, I'm compairing it to the DS Lite, NOT the DS. And secondly, why is it ok to do so for consoles, but not handhelds? If the 360 and PS3 can be held up against the Wii, and not be called a flop, then why can't the PSP go be held against the DS Lite, and not  be called a flop.

But I guess since Xoj thinks I'm a troll, I should just be saying that the PSPgo was a huge flop, that it didn't sell as good as the DS lite, so it fails miserable...Oh, btw, so did the PS3 and the 360. Failures, all of them BUY NINTENDO!!! At least then you won't have to endure the embarrasment of owning a system that flopped!


Xoj, I didn't see your last post before I gave you a cookie, I want it back. Next time, think before you call somebody a troll.

NDS, NDSL, and NDSi it doesn't matter which one. None of them are comparable to the PSP. In the launch of NDSL it sold 223k. "shipments of the DS Lite have reached 82.26 million units worldwide, according to Nintendo"

To which I reply...BUY NINTENDO, Don't get stuck with the "Flop" products!!!!

(btw, read what I highlighted in post you quoted. aparantly, what you don't get is I am defending the PSP go, AND trying to boost your credability at the same time by giving you a valad argument. Oh well, I guess you should just ignore me since I am obviously a troll.)

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Don't forget your helmet there, Master Chief!