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Xoj said:
ironman said:
letsdance said:
ironman said:
letsdance said:
ironman said:
letsdance said:
CGI-Quality said:
Orca_Azure said:
I doubt anyone was expecting high numbers. It only flops if people have high expectations.

And from the looks of a few of the posts in here, some people apparently did.

And the funny thing is these same people are the ones posting for weeks on how it wont sell...

And Vice-Versa. The door swings both ways my friend, As you laugh at them for saying it flopped, they are laughing at you for thinking it didn't.

You're just being ridiculous now. The general concensus of the PSP Go would be it wouldn't sell... but so far it sold on par with the normal PSP... I'd say that's good. Why would anyone believe the Go would sell more? There is no evidence it would. Why would someone suggest it would increase PSP sales? There is no evidence of that since it's targetting the same people but trying to get people who are already interested in buying a PSP to buy the higher end model.

You keep telling me I'm being ridiculous, but can't ever seem to be able to come up with a good reason why, at least, not one that is even remotely relevant to what I have been saying this entire thread.

A. because you claim comparing a single model of the PSP to a competitor thats been in and dominating the handheld business for 20 years is the most reasonable way to see if the PSP Go is a flop or not while completely conveniently forgetting that no one expected such numbers. B. Because you are saying people won't take me seriously because I bring up the fact that before PSP Go launch everyone said it won't sold and the irony now is everyone was supposedly expecting high numbers... yeah.... that makes sense

Appearantly, you didn't read this post.

"So, where exactly did I say it was a flop? C'mon, surely you must have seen me say it somewhere since I am obviously hellbent on trolling the heck outta the PSP. Here's what I don't get...why the heck are you so insecure about the PSPGo? Is saying the PSP Go didn't flop seriously the only thing that will make you feel good about yourself.

According to your definition of my logic, I guess the 360 and PS3 were both flops as well...OMFG I had better ditch my 360! I can't have a console that flopped!!! I mean, my god, The PS3 and the 360 are both held to the standard which IS the Wii, and somehow, neither are considered flops (unless you talk to fanboys). I think the same would be true with the DS Lite and the PSP Go. If you could look past your own insecurity, perhaps you would see this."



i think in the end you guys are agreeing neither 360/ps3, PSP/GO were flops o

BINGO!!! The cookie goes to (and I never thought I would say this!) Xoj!!!!!!!!!

Past Avatar picture!!!

Don't forget your helmet there, Master Chief!