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nordlead said:
psrock said:
nordlead said:
So... The PSP (Go and 3000 combined) selling 6k extra units in 1 week in the UK isn't a flop? honestly the DS totally destroyed it with 32k sales in the same region.

Also you have a misleading title, as the UK != the rest of the world. We're looking at 30k units in NA + 6k units in UK so far.

It's funny when we say games like The Conduit is flop, i always hear how the developers are happy with the sales, yet Sony says they happy with the sales but you think otherwise.

I've never addressed if the conduit was a flop or not. Honestly, compared to the hype they generated it was a flop. I'm sure it will make a profit, and I'm sure the PSPGo will make a profit, but those are underwelming sales for a new model that comes with GT for free.

However, if you compare the PSPGo to the PSP 2000 & 3000 it has done well as both of those were complete failures other than keeping the sales from completely plumeting. And before you say that the 3000 boosted sales in Japan, I will claim that was due to Monster Hunter which would have done just as well on the 2000.

PSP-2000 failure!? it sold 273k in Japan in its first week. PSP almost outsold DS in 2008 thanks to slim release (In Japan)