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Dioxinis said:
@euphoria14 really? they are already in discussion? awesome! hopefully they can realese it h1 of next year in the us if not at least within 2010

Unfortunately it is not confirmed, but knowing Atlus, I wouldn't be surprised if it is true. They have already expressed how Demon's Souls western acceptance is greater than anticipated, so I am confident they would like to take another shot at the western PS3 userbasex especially with a title like this, which is mainly aimed at gamers my age. I am 25 and grew up with NES Zelda. Check my gaming collection, it is the first game shown, top left corner. 

I expect much sooner than 12 months from now. The game is entirely text based, plus we have already seen menus, in game shots, etc... in English. Do not be surprised if we hear about an Asian release very soon that contained English text.

They have tested the import waters with Demon's Souls and found big time success, with much thanks due to the PS3 being region-free. Do not be surprised if they test them once again with 3D Dot Game Heroes.

From Software are amazing this generation. They are giving me everything I have wanted. Major respect to them.


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