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elzumo said:
Damn, this looks awesome. Makes me wanna get a PS3. Maybe I will...I mean, it has to get localized, right?

If Noby Noby Boy can make it's way to the West, I don't see why this game can not.

Plus, PS3 games are region free. As long as this game gets an Asian release with English dubs, I would import it ASAP. The game has no voice from what I know, it is entirely text based. Screenshots already show the game in English when it comes to the attacks, magic, etc... so I wouldn't be surprised to see From Software pull a Demon's Souls, release in Asia wit English added and feed off the importer hype to get a publisher to snatch it up and deliver it over to the rest of the world.

Word right now is that Ignition and Atlus are fighting over publishing rights.

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