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theARTIST0017 said:
trashleg said:
immortality is beginning to look quite attractive too now, hmm.

flight vs living forever...

can i change my answer?! if i live forever then there's a chance i'll be around for the flight revolution :D
yep that sounds me good.

One for Immortality, please. XD

yes but just remember that that when you are immortal, i will still be able to manipulate your mind and bend you to my will, because as long as you are alive whether mortal or immortal, that would be my power. Try and beat me now lol :P

haha, purleeease. people have been trying for 20 years to bend me to their will. i am the most stubborn person alive. mwahahaha

..and who said anything about beating you? can't we all just ..get along? i'll just be going about, travelling the planet seeking the wonders of the earth, and along comes you and tries to make me dance in public. o.0 or worse..

but even then, i'd have to put up with that whether i lived for the next 60 years or forever anyway.

(i didnt want to post in this thread again, i tried to resisstttt but there was a strange compulsio i couldn't shakkkkkeeee.... noooo.........)

Highwaystar101 said: trashleg said that if I didn't pay back the money she leant me, she would come round and break my legs... That's why people call her trashleg, because she trashes the legs of the people she loan sharks money to.