The list was fine, it was a subjective list, why, because it is based upon subjective material, opinions!
What did the intellivision do? first it brought real competition to the video game market, second it introduce the real time strategy genre to the world with Utopia, it was instrumental in the advancement of the sports genres, how about the introduction of Down content?
plus it was the only console to hold fast during the crash of '84, it was still on shelves when everyone else jumped ship
Plus like all of the older consoles it was one of the consoles trying to build something out of nothing
not to mention great games like astrosmash, thundercastle,
Colecovision , all of you graphics fans should be aware this was the first the was really big on showcase graphics, the intellivision played the graphics card but the intellivision was all about top notch visuals, and it showed graphics can pay off, it had the game the undoubtedly inspired sim city, Fortune builder, plus it created competition and probably got quite a few people into games


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