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rendo said:
Akvod said:
rendo said:
I'm not. :D

Then don't post here dumbass... what were you thinking? I asked who was buying a PS3, not who wasn't. Go here, if you're not.

It's not even a matter of reading an OP, you just blatently ignored my thread topic.

Listen and listen good.  You asked a question.  I answered it.  There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to answer a yes or no question.  You can't limit the answers given to whatever favourable answer YOU want to see.  So relax, you tit.



You don't think it's strange that I made two threads that emphasize YES and NO? Why the fuck would I ask two yes and no questions? The entire thread isn't based off of my title, it's based in my actual OP, which asked what your reasons were that you were buying a PS3 this year. I made NO mention about not buying a PS3. Yes, my thread title is a yes and no question, but only out of convenience and to make it seem catchy. If you've simply read the OP instead of just the thread title, or take a quick look at the hot topics, you would've understand what I was going for.

Now please, if you want to argue or complain to me do so via PM please, I don't want to derail this thread any more.