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TheSource said:

I'm expecting PS3/360 hardware cuts but since NPD doesn't provide weekly sales, Wii may have boosted alot in the week Wii Sports Resort was out. August will be telling in that regard. I suspect if Wii flatlines or drops in August, then yeah, we get a Wii price cut. No shame in it really, Wii came in Nov 2006 - one price cut in three years is unbelievable historically speaking.

Nintendo won't cut the price even then: they'll wait to see if NSMBWii does the job before they hit the panic button. If THAT game fails,I expect to have Nintendo admit it's completely befuddled as to where to go next, which bodes poorly since it appears that they've been laying long-term plans since the start of this gen, and changing course will be painful. This year's Nintendo release schedule certainly was...

As for Resort's effect, I think it'll manifest in a very slight bump, but one which spreads for the next few months, as people get around to 1) picking it up, and 2) showing it off to their friends. It doesn't seem to have the immediate pop culture cache that Wii Sports did, of course, but I think it can revitalize interest in some and spark it in a few others. Now they just need quality software to maintain whatever momentum they get...

alfredofroylan said:

Remember the inFamous "Ham Sandwich" table that Sony gave some months ago?