mario64 said:
Farmland : the only thing you just proved is people post more about Sony. Which I already knew. People care a lot mot about Sony than they care about MS.

The problem is more than half of those posts are negative doom posts, attacks, joke posts against Sony, or doom thread starts. I know that hate is not the opposite of love (indifference is), but still, that's a bot too sadomasochistic for my taste.

Catfangs : Hello ;) Yeah, it's a joke thread somehow. ^^

Dont be such a douche bag.

The M$ forums are the ones that have idiots posting from the opposite fanboys. It happens both ways, but look at any Forza 3 thread and it's filled with GT fans posting because they are scared.

This site is heavily Sony and Nintendo orientated. Yet 360 continues to outsell the PS3.