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DonWii said:
Well, I guess I could argue about Sony's flip-flopping core values then, because BC was a big deal in 2006, while rumble was seen as 'unnecessary'. Then, it is the PS3 fans who believe Sony can 'do no wrong'.

I believe Sony is being pretty stupid with their ideas of flipping 8 different SKUs with different abilities but on another but its understandable because they removed all PS2 hardware which lowered general cost. BC with the PS2 was mainly because of the hardware, PS1 is software thats why the 40GB model supports PS1 games but not PS2 as of yet. Sony doesnt want to make an extreme promise of being able to support a massive amount of PS2 games because they had 7+ years to make a PS1 emulator and only 1 year to make a PS2, thats not exactly even. Rumble is being brought back because it was asked for by fans on the PS Blog. Sony will have BC back again eventually dont count that out. They are going to be working on a PS2 emulator. 4 Usb ports.. wasnt really needed as you mainly just need the ports to charge the controllers.. wow. Not much use out of them. Card readers.. theres a hard drive and USB port. Connect a camera, drag the files out, remove the camera. Storage space, DLNA server is supported the HDD can be all game data and you can still play music and videos from your PC HDD. Wifi is supported in the 40GB model dont listen otherwise. Bluetooth, 7 controllers = godlike. Sony is just trying to lower costs anyway they can. If that means by 2009 there will be a $199 PS3 that would be awesome.

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