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DonWii said:

Actually, I have argued that, if Nintendo did that, they would completely kill the Wii (Also, that THAT is the only thing that could actually hurt the Wii in the long run).

Also, you talk about technology being outdated and, therefore, need upgrading. Unless this new model actually improves the original 60GB model, then your point is moot.

 I think you missed the point. The point in that rant is that according to fanboys on this site Nintendo cant do no wrong same with Microsoft. Microsoft could create that Home knockoff and then charge 150 a year and both 360 fans would say "if its good for Live the proce doesnt matter" while Microsoft rapes your wallet. Basically I'm saying is you guys fail to look at the broader picture. Sony is trying to get to so that they can get customers that will purchase PS3/PSN games, they didnt discontinue the PS2 so they should totally care about BC till they do as the PS2 as of right now is $129 and in a month will be $99. 130 million PS2s have been sold to customers there isnt any reason why you shouldnt be able to find one. If enough people after the PS2 is discontinued then Sony will bring BC back at 93/94% through software like they have for PS1 titles. 

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