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Lingyis said:
i'm all for pricing discrimination and product differentiation... iPod has a million versions, but by and large the differences are clear and reasonably obvious. whereas in the ps3 case... they aren't.

and there's really nothing wrong with that. obviously sony thinks it will help sales. sony's a hardware and electronics maker, so they're pretty knowledgeable about offering products with different specs.

i think wii should have more SKU's, especially one with a bigger hard drive, like 4Gb or something.

But ...all of the iPods do the same thing - and the video iPods all do the same thing - except the split screen crap. But regardless - iPods - as craptastic as they are - aren't confusing because Apple puts out a big press release and an event to announce the new features. Not Sony - you have to go to Kotaku and find out.

Nice PR job. I am curious to see this sku - maybe it's the PS3 without BR - and BC ... now, you have my attention!