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badgenome said:
Forza, because Grand Turismo doesn't exist.

 ^ U said it

But of course GT5 will bcus its just more popular around europe and japan. America can be about the same if there are a lot of racing fans in america who plan to buy fz3, but GT5 will kill it in sales WW.

Above I'm a proud Gran Turismo fan, not a Sony fanboy, and now a proud 360 owner, but sharing xbox live accts ATM

End of 2009 Predictions (made Jan 1, 2009): My predictions were pretty accurate, the 360 was over and the Wii was just under.

Wii: 65 mil (yea I'm crazy) 360: 35 mil (its getting there) PS3: 30 mil (the slim better do well)

End of 2010 Predictions (made Jan 7, 2010):

Wii: 81 mil  360: 47 mil PS3: 45 mil