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Mario Kart is really the only thing we didn't know about, and quite frankly I can care less about it. Mario Kart is a dead franchise as far as I'm concerned, what else are they going to do with it? Really the only thing you can do is enhance the graphics, and on the Wii that doesn't do much for me. Secondly I've yet to enjoy a racing game on my Wii, I found Excite Truck's controls annoying. The funny thing about Nintendo is they are one half a very innovative company, and half a company too stuck to it's old formulas. I'm excited about the next Zelda but they are already saying it won't have voice acting(I'm sure the same will be true for just about every other game Nintendo makes). Mario Kart I'm sure will just be an enhanced version of it's former self. And Animal Crossing better push the franchise because that's another game that borders on boring. There is hardly anything to do in the game after playing for 5 minutes for one day.(I'm far more excited to pick up MySims)

I love Wii Sports and with more time and of course with the sales of sport/play Nintendo will make sure that Wii Health/music/motorsports have a little more to offer in the gameplay department.