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superchunk said:
DKII said:
Wii Motorsports will be nothing like Motorstorm, don't get your hopes up. ;) It's just like Wiisports only with motorized vehicles so like airplane flying, snowmobiles, car racing, other stuff.

Well Excite Truck was nothing like Motorstorm either. I was worse looking and less realistic, but much faster and a whole lot better to control. If it had online multi-player I would probably rate it as a much better game. Wii motorsports will probably be the same. Poorer graphics and realism, but a much smoother and faster game with online capability. I am stating right now that it will double Motorstorms LTD.

 I dont know how you get much faster than motorstorm. Unless your talking about a 'rail' game where you just go straight. Motorstorm is so 'slow' paced, that if you get a love tap from another vehicle, you tend to wreck because you dont have time to recover.

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