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Model: LNT4042H
Our Price:$1,529.97
SRP: $1,699.99
Save: $170.02

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Model: KDL40V2500
Our Price:$2,249.97
SRP: $2,499.99
Save: $250.02
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Model: KDL40S2010
Our Price:$1,599.20
SRP: $1,999.99
Save: $400.79

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 This one is mine. I bought it from this store as well. It was on killer sale tho.

Model: LNT4061F
Our Price:$2,069.97
SRP: $2,299.99
Save: $230.02
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There you have it, All the LCD HDTV's 32-40inch that I would reccomend. Anything else, the image quality is so much worse. (be very careful when looking at TVs as many stores have a video processor that makes the cheap TVs look as good as the sony/samsung. If all the TVs look VERY similar and some are slightly brighter than others, other than that their the same. Turn your head, as that is NOT what the cheap ones will look like when you get home. (I have a 720p magnavox that looked great at wal-mart. Brought it home, and it didnt look so great... thought it was just the lighting. Year later I bought my samsung... My magnavox SUCKS. SUCKS. SUCKS... SUCKS.

Yet, at wal-mart today, the same model magnavox, next to the 32inch samsung... they look identical. at HHGregg (where those links are) They look totally diffrent. The Magnavox looks washed out, and the Samsung has such rich colors. 

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