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Kwaad said:

cdude1034 - Your Wii number looks correct.

The 360 numbers, your saying 4million consoles over the next 8 months. With current 360 sales, it will sell 2million in NA alone over the next8 months. (this is not counting the holiday influx) This is also not counting Europe. I would add at least 4-6million more.

The PS3 numbers of 6.9million, is kinda low. Do you think there will be 3.5million units sold over the next 8 months in 3 regions? Expect around 100-300thousand a month in europe, 200-300 thousand a month in america With around 100 thousand in japan. That is a total of 400thousand to 700thousand/month for the next 8 months. That is at least 3.2million right there, following current sales trend. Not even counting holiday once agian. I would expect 8-9million for the PS3.

(the reason your Wii numbers are correct is because it will be production limited)

I am kwaad, That is my reason.

 Haha, touche, Kwaad. I suppose only time will tell. After all, that is the reason why the prediction league is around.

I will eventually do more research and revise my numbers to account for holiday sales, and I do think I've  ultimately underestimated how much one game can have an effect on sales of a system, but (!) with the major games like Assassin's Creed not being exclusive, it's hard seeing games like that push one system over the other.

Going by numbers, FF is a very popular series, but I don't believe the next installment for the PS3 is coming out until late this year or early next year , so games like that won't affect sales all that much(at least this year). Actually, according to, It's slated for 12/1/07. I'll bet you a dollar it's delayed.

I'll tell you what, I'll look at the numbers at the end of June and revise then. This will give me ample time to do the proper research of trends and the like. Thank you all for your input.


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