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A MMO Space  Sim  Without pay to play - run via a bittorrent system

Freelancer control style,

Gameplay completely based on chaos theory. - No scripted anything whatsover so everything evolves with total freedom.

To have zero randomly generated you'd have a 100/1 computer to human ratio, with computers doing all the menial tasks that humans dont like to do (farming).

 Humans dont die (escape pod), but comps die permantly.

 a 1:1 ratio of ambitious AI to human, the AI's that attempt to run the galaxy alongside humans

A large number of randomly generated epic events to essentially have every major SCI-fi storyline happen randomly.  Multiple can be going on at different ends of the galaxy.  (Invasion, sun going nova, multiple race war, etc...)

 Governments that run everything - AI controlled until a human takes over/assasinated it.

 Planets reproduce AI for their race and faction based on current political control.

Massive end game event to reset the game to near zero with a supermassive black hole.

 creat your own factions and rasie AI as your own thugs.  (semi sims style)  

 Technology woud be advanced by the governments before it gets sold at vendors,  Prototypes can be stolen.

 Treasure hunts that span many sectors in varrying levels of peace.

Coperations able to form and die with a corrosponding stock market.

Black holes that cannot be seen (black) that will randomly transport you across the galaxy to a unknown location.

Worm holes for going between sectors that may malfunction and send you into a random spot a sector or 2 off course.

 Worm holes will form based on traffic between sectors, but at unknown locations between them.

All gates, worm holes, etc randomly generated from the initial server startup, so maps become a commodity.

 You team kill, kill someone,  someone is pissed about that guy being dead, could become wanted, bounty on your head ,etc.  Every action has consequences.  All actions drive the game. AI and humans can be anything based on the needs of the currently exsistant factinons + random events.

A few things about my ideal game.