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Not the best translation, but it works. :)

Amis LiveWiiens, the hour of the gross news of the evening arrived, and it is with an immense pleasure that we propose information to you which should charm the majority among you. Of sure source, the current working group division various from Nintendo reached us, with his batch of (good) surprised:

EAD Software Development Group No 1
* Wii Health (2007)
* Mario Kart (2008)

EAD Software Development Group No 2
* Wii Music (2007)
* Animal Crossing Wii (2008)
* Wii Motorsports (TBA)

EAD Software Development Group No 3
* The Legend of Zelda: Wii (2009)

EAD Software Development Group No 4
* Big Brain Academy Wii (2007)

EAD Software Development Group No 5
* Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

As you will even note it by you, there are some confirmations for plays very awaited by all, and not announced yet. Let us quote for example, Mario Kart, thus planned for 2008, with obviously a online mode which should follow.

In the same case of figure, we find The Legend Of Zelda: Wii, true adventure conceived for Wii, unlike Twilight Princess, which was not, in the beginning, expected that for Gamecube.

A new play makes its appearance: Wii Motorsports. It would seem that it is the response of Nintendo to Motorstorm, titrates present at the launching of the PS3. Another good news, the maintenance for year 2007 of Super Mario Galaxy, whereas some feared a carryforward.

To note the absences in this estimated cutting, of the plays having had recent advertisements like Donkey Kong Bongo Blast or Metroïd 3, this last having had a carryforward announced on a later date that initial June.

Obviously, Nintendo should affirm, or cancel, these exits soon; we think in particular of the future living room, E For All 2007, the Japanese editor having confirmed his presence with this one.

Nobody is crazy enough to accuse me of being sane.