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"First of all saying that [brand] is the best is wrong."

Nobody said that.

"I didnt recommend Sony or Samsung as a brand, but i mentioned two actual models."

Good for you. I recommended reading up and becoming knowledgable in the subject so that one could become a smart consumer and really know what they are getting. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

"In my opinion they are rarther good for their price."

They might be. There may also be better value elsewhere.

"Your mother, you are talking about your mythical excellent panel for <12 of a "brand-whore" price.So what panel do you have ?"

It's mythical! It doesn't exist! 

"It's absolutely impossible to buy a TV without defects for a such price."

Sure, since it's mythical, right? I'll just continue enjoying my mythical TV while you continue paying brand-whore prices with yours.

It's a good thing I did my homework before buying into the flat panel craze, unlike others...