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cdude1034 - Your Wii number looks correct.

The 360 numbers, your saying 4million consoles over the next 8 months. With current 360 sales, it will sell 2million in NA alone over the next8 months. (this is not counting the holiday influx) This is also not counting Europe. I would add at least 4-6million more.

The PS3 numbers of 6.9million, is kinda low. Do you think there will be 3.5million units sold over the next 8 months in 3 regions? Expect around 100-300thousand a month in europe, 200-300 thousand a month in america With around 100 thousand in japan. That is a total of 400thousand to 700thousand/month for the next 8 months. That is at least 3.2million right there, following current sales trend. Not even counting holiday once agian. I would expect 8-9million for the PS3.

(the reason your Wii numbers are correct is because it will be production limited)

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