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Erik Aston said:

Spore is more "intelligent design" than evolution. Though I suppose what you're describing is too, Kwaad, but in a little different way.

 My idea is to influence evolution. Not the "intelligent design" wich is the best description of SPORE I have heard to date. I want to watch my creature change from being an ameboa, into a simple insect, into a jelly-fish like thing, into a water-bug of some sort, into a insect, into a mammal (or whatever else you end up turning into) And you can influence the evolution by adding small furry animals, or vitiman rich grass. And smite down the weak to make sure they dont breed. Basically not centered around anything. You could follow one branch on the family tree, or follow it all as a whole. The choice would be yours.

PSN ID: Kwaad

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