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shams said:

Ive always wanted a "Grand space adventure", that involves starflight, landing on planets, exploring, lots of aliens, power-ups, etc.

Always been tossing up whether it should be a single player game (i.e. where you take the shoes of a single character), or control a group (which is part of a much larger group, i.e. earth vrs aliens or something).

If think if you combined Zelda & Metroid, and got SquareEnix to develop it I would be pretty happy.

I don't want a "shooter" (Halo), rather a proper exploration/adventure title. (Im a huge B5 fan - something like a B5 game done properly, that follows all five seasons - would make me very happy :>).

Not surprisingly, Im also interested in Mass Effect...

 Grand Space Adventure - Sounds like X4 (not yet announced, however X3 is out, and it does everything but landing on planets)

Sim Earth - You dont have the level of detail I am talking about. It does not follow the evolutionary path of a single creature, and it dont have the level of detail I am speaking of. But more-or-less. Yes a high tech version.

Fable 2 - Quite possibly, but Fable1 did NOT impress me. 

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