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Games ultimately sell consoles and the success of the games will determine the amount of consoles sold, predicting that things will stay at the same rate is unrealistic.


I'm sure there are a lot of Xbox owners who still haven't gotten a 360 till Halo 3 comes out, and that there are people who are waiting for Final Fantasy XIII to get a PS3 (especially in Japan I believe), there are probably people who want Wiis who can't find them and if those people stay determined to get one (especially Nintendo fans) they will impact sales when supplies are not constrained (which  will be for a while).

 With all that, I don't understand how people think that the PS3 is going to be this massive failure, even if the PS3 ended up selling less than both the Wii and the 360 (and I'm talking about the long term here) and it sells for example as much as the Gamecube or Xbox sold last generation it doesn't mean it 'failed'.

 It's Sony losing the ltop position in the console race after two leading generations but it doesn't mean failure and collapse or whatever else people are expecting to happen to Sony or its gaming division.

 With all this said, price changes effect sales a lot and the 360 will likely see a price drop next holiday season which could boost sales as well.

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