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Lingyis said:
cdude1034 said:
Well why do you see it that way?

because he's kwaad. you'll get to know him.

but i mean, all reasons go like "good upcoming games", "blu ray", "hardware". and then there's "potential". i have yet to see a new reason that actually makes me stop and say, "now, that's a worthwhile reason".

i think that ps3 will eventually catch up to 360 in monthly sales, just based on a subjective judgment of games and the apparent feeling of how PS3 appears to have a better presentation strategy than the 360.



 Haha, because he's Kwaad won't cut it for me.

With the 360, I think the numbers are about right, because it's been through 2 Christmas's now, and the average monthly sales will predict what happens a little better for it than the other two systems. I think I do have a little more room for error on the Wii and PS3 though.

 I think you hit it right on the head about how your subjective opinion on just how awesome a game is will affect how you think it will sell. I'm trying to not do that here, but it's so hard having grown up with one system or the other.


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