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Kwaad said:
I think the PS3 and 360 numbers are waaay low. The Wii numbers seem about right tho.

I agree. Try basing figures on sales trends from the last few years over Xmas. I think the 360 will sell 2mill in the US alone - for the Xmas period (maybe more). The PS3 may sell less, but will still sell 1-1.5m.

I also think a lot comes down to Wii production levels. With Wii shortages, people WILL buy other consoles for Xmas - the 360/PS3 will benefit from this.

And GTA4 will be a huge seller, and will drive the sales of both consoles alone.

EDIT: I still predict the 360 around the 16-17m mark, and the PS3 should be somewhere between 8m-12m (around 9m I think). 

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