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I have not factored in what might happen if a major blockbuster game comes out, and drives people to buy a system.

Honestly, I can see that happening for a cheap system, like the Wii, or even the 360 (the core is getting phased out). But to buy a $600 system for 1 game? I don't care if it's Halo, you have to spend $660 plus tax in order to have the right to just play the game, never mind going online with it.

Yes I do know Halo is 360 exclusive (for now...dum dum dum).

In all likelihood, a game may push any of the consoles an extra 100-200k units, but lets be honest with ourselves here. One game does not make or break a console, it's the totality of the fan base, the games, the developers, the company, etc.

Anything else?


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