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This can not follow any known creations. (no new mario, zelda, god of war, or anything like that. It can be LIKE mario, but not mario)

My dream games.. (there are 2)

A game based off evolution. A game where you are god, and you controll the enviroment with your hard earned god powers. (think popolus) You start off with a drop of water under your control, and as your 'creature' evolves, you assist it in what it becomes. Possibly a carnivore, possibly a herbavore. Possibly a ozone consumeing flying blimp. However at each evolutionary step, you can only change so much. Meaning yes, Your race could end up going extinct if you dont evolve smart. You would control their inteligence, and with your god powers you can also assist them and help keep them alive... and survive natural disasters. Possibly also have a 'natural disaster' mode, where your creature mutates rapidly. Causing retarded mutant, and horrible deformed creatures, while also possibly getting what you want. You would also have to make sure that the 'weak' dont survive. (they would evolve on their own, but from time to time, you can assist their evolution)

A massive game like a mixture of Oblivion and X3. A game where there are many citys. (they dont have to be 100% unique). You start like you would in oblivion as just a person. Possibly a hero. As you progress you can buy/build industrys. Build a grape farm in the country, and sell grapes to a winery. You would have to buy something to move the grapes to the winery. You could also pay people to do that for you. You could then buy the winery, and other stuff as well. You can also run around and play 'hero' like in oblivion. You could then buy houses, and decorate them. You could also decorate 'arrange' your buisnesses. If you take your hero, and burn the rival grape farm, possibly someone else will build a new grape farm somewhere else. Possibly you get caught and you serve jail time (like in oblivion) and your industrys will be put on 'shutdown' thus you still pay your employees, and yet you dont make anything. This is the game I want to see the most. X3, in a fantasy world.
EDIT on #2
I mean this for many comonodies. Apples, grain, mills, lumber mills, coal mines, bee farms, candle factories. ETC. A entire liveing world.

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