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windbane said:

Sony now has 10+ years of tradition and DOMINANCE. They dominated 2 generations like no other company has. Sega never did much besides provide Sonic, which they have nearly ruined now, crappy expansions to a console that didn't contribute anything positive, and a nice handheld that needed a better battery. The most important thing was providing competition to Nintendo, but Sony has done a much better job at that. Microsoft is the new Sega, doing well in the US market but hardly selling in the Japanese market (and it's even worse with M$).

This might be true, but by bringing up this argument you may no longer deny MS the right to engage in the video gaming industry because they might as well dominate the market someday and build up a tradition. Sony = MS, that's what I was saying.

And concerning Sega, this is getting off-topic, but you sound as if you had never even possessed a Sega console. This is like I was saying "Nintendo didn't contribute anything besides Mario, a crappy monochrome handheld and an innovative motion sensor for an outdated home console" and considering it the truth. Never mind. And I don't think MS is the new Sega, of course they're not accepted in Japan at the moment, but they have so much money that they are able to buy their popularity among the consumers step by step and still be the richest company in the world.