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agardini51 said:
vlad321 said:
agardini51 said:
vlad321 said:
My college, which is directly patched into the trans-atlantic spine. Yeah, we have the fastest connection the U.S. Second only to the pentagon.

I really don't wanna graduate and leave...


What college do you go to? At my college (ISU) I get 23 Mbps dl, and 3 Mbps ul. At home I have Frontier Dsl. It's decent, but I can totally tell a difference when I go home. Next year at college it's going to be a slower connection as I'm getting an apartment off campus.


Gatech, I've hit 91megs up and about 4.5 upload on that site. On many direct download, uncapped, files my limiter is my HD write speed, not the internet speed. Some torrents too, but that's rarer. Usually I get 1-4 megs a sec on torrent.


Thats pretty nice. The only thing about my college is that they have a limiter on downloading things such as torrents and things like that. Even though I can get a decent dl rate it never actually hits that amount because its limited. Thats the only thing taht sucks.


Err... I emant down for the first number. Not up.

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