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Interesting thread to pop late into.

It really makes me consider exactly where my 'favour' lies.

I don't understand though why people find it so un-heard of that a company is trying to make money from selling games.  Games sell because they are fun, that is why the industry is so massive, because it is fun, a companies motivation to make money is by providing fun.  People wouldn't pay all the money for it that they do if they didn't enjoy it and find it fun.  It's abserd to think it a bad thing that companies want to make money.

Our entire lives are controlled by money, companies, people, they don't do most things unless it involves making money (or spending the money they've earned). Whatever job your working or whatever schooling you've acheived is for the sole purpose of making money.

The difference that I see between the three companies AT THE MOMENT in the industry is the way in which they attempt to generate customers.  Microsoft and Sony individually use 'dirty' tactics (viral marketing, lies, propganda etc) where as Nintendo currently uses the 'you make the decision' tactic which is working for them, especially in the information and 'blogging' age that we live in ('everyone can play').

None of these tactics are 'wrong' I just don't think Sony have evolved with the information age like they could have, they could be doing MUCH better.  Viral marketing and paying people to post on forums may have worked in the beginning of this technology when they were covered in positive press, but the 'un-believable' posts are rediculous.

As for saying companies don't belong in markets because of the things that they do, that's a fair opinion but it ultimately comes down to the consumer and if there are enough 'blind' consumers for companies to make money by being dirty cunts then let them keep working that way.

Also in the Sony / Microsoft and Nintendo situation, Sony and Microsoft have alternate agenda's behind pushing their consoles (Sony makes a FUCK LOAD of money if BR is the successful HD format).  Nintendo as I see it don't have alternate agenda's other than making money by making games that suit the broadest number of people.

I didn't talk about Microsoft much, I don't want to sound like a 'fanboy' but I generally dislike Microsoft's way of operation, this is why I have never purchased a MS operating system and doubt that I ever will.