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Diomedes1976 said:
DRJ said:
mrstickball said:

So the PS3 is moving around 110k units a week, or 440k a month (give or take) vs. 1m-ish for the Wii and 500k-ish for the 360.

Not bad for a $600/40k yen/399pd/Euro system.

If the PS3 and 360 sell the same each month, MS will still have a huge lead that Sony will not be able to make up. Which will just secure all titles that are on the PS3 will be on the 360. Including FF.

And getting outsold 2-1 to the Wii, while the Wii is still supply constrained has really got to piss Sony off. Especially since Nintendo is making money on the Wii while Sony is losing money on the PS3.

If Sony does't drop the price by $200 or more soon (as in last month) it is over. They have to move the units so they can sell the games, or 3rd parties will start to drop support.

I won't call it over for Sony just yet. When it is sitting on the shelves this Xmas with few people interested, then it is over.


The situation is just the adverse .Selling comparably the PS3 would secure all the games of the X360 except the first and second parties of Microsoft .But it would have the first and second pary games of Sony plus a hell of a lot of japanese exclusives ,people like Level 5 ,Dimps ,Spike ,Nippon Ichi ,Atlus ,Taito and the like arent exactly close to develop all its games for X360 ,And the big ones as Sega ,Capcom ,Konami ,Namco and Square ...well lets say Sega and Capcom effectively would put most of its games in BOTH consoles but the PS3 would still secure some exclusives from there .And FF between them ,that game sells about 40% its total numbers in Japan and in Japan the X360 is dead .



You guys should stay calm ,the lifecycles of the consoles are like this ,the first year is the launching of the machine ,it has to sell some million and to do it it need some good games but thats about it as long as it sells some million units and the production reduces costs and the heavy-hitter software nears completion it is doing well ,after all only the hardcore gamers buy consoles at launch .Then the second year the battle begins ,price has to be dropped to include more demographics in the potential buyers ,a lot of great software must be released and the companies start to see some revenue ,then by the third year you can have your machine at full speed .The obsession of certain groups of people to see Sony destroyed is just absurd .For all we know the PS3 is selling better that the X360 last year considering the worlwide numbers ;slighty better in the US(1060 000 consoles versus 1000 000 ) ,way better in Japan (870K versus some 200K ) and better in Europe despite being just released .Give Sony some time ,the price will be dropped when it is neccesary ,the online service will improve (to play it is already excellent for free ) and the heavy-hitter software will be released some day .Just pretending that the game is over because PS3 sales arent at the same level that the launch week or that the Wii has beat it in a holiday week (impulse buying of a cheaper machine ) doesnt mean anything .The PS3 is selling well in Europe ,there is stock but you keep seeing people buying the machine at the stores just not like the launch day of course .Enjoy life and stop looking obsesively at numbers ,may will come and july will come and september will finally come and then we will see if Sony has sold more or less than 1.3 million consoles as MS stated boldly end of september last year .

From what i've heard UK is about 35% of the market, but tastes vary from country to country.

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