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It's not that I hate Sony, it's that I don't trust them:

- Root Kits, DRAM Price Fixing, Denial of Battery Problems - It may have been different divisions, but they're cut from the same cloth.

- 'All I want for Christmas is a PSP' - 'viral marketing' or vile marketing?

- Arrogance - work harder my ass...

- Just Being Jerks - Sony Blackballs Kotaku

@ Kwaad - As for low scores on some recent Wii games, I'm all for it.  Publishers missed the boat and are rushing ports to the system.  Even Nintendo is guilty of this.  Hopefully we'll start seeing some original, built from the ground up Wii games that will have the same amount of attention most of those higher scoring PS3 titles got.

and @ Stof... definitely the best news EA has had!  LOL!

Numbers are like people. Torture them enough and you can get them to say anything you want.

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