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As the title suggests....can I have your comments on the best HD TV I can get at the moment for under £1000.

I won't be purchasing one for a wee while though, but would like your thoughts.

I think it would be sensible to get one that displays full 1080p resolution, but most of the TV's I've seen seem to only have a 768 vertical resolution and can only do 720p.

Is LCD better than Plasma; I've always thought so because of the gas thing with plasma???

But any help will be brilliant.

We still have the old traditional TV in the house...but when we upgrade, we intend to get a decent enough screen that will do us for a good few years.  I know that HD broadcast is still in its infancy in the UK, but to be able to view HDDVD or Blu-Ray on a full 1080p would be brilliant. 

Prediction (June 12th 2017)

Permanent pricedrop for both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro in October.

PS4 Slim $249 (October 2017)

PS4 Pro $349 (October 2017)