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Your DS vs PSP... is a great point. But I own 2 DS. (the good one, not the lightweight flimsy DSl). The only thing I like about the DSl is the screens. they look alot better. Now let me just say this. I want a PSP. I... Really want a PSP. Infact... I havent got a DS game in over 6 months. And there's nothing... that pulls my intrest. Looking at the PSP... there's more that inrest me. That and the lack of a Analog controller. Really hurts the DS. You think I'm a Sony fan? I didnt have a single good thing to say about the PSP. I was all for the DS. I bought 2 of them. I feel ripped. I want a PSP for many reasons. But the final reason I'm probibally going to buy one. Is to link it with my PS3. Too bad my DS cant link to my Wii.

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