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MikeB said:
@ footbag

ANyone with a PS3 has got to be desperate at this point. I would expect these titles to sell well despite their ratings.

LOL, a troll attempt or do you honestly believe that?

Let me tell you I am not one of them. I haven't come close to completing all the games I have bought for my PS3 so far. I earned a golden ducky together with my girlfriend in Super Ruba-Dub, I completed God of War 1, Resistance and Ape Escape 2, I am in the top 100 of Super Stardust HD, but when I have the time I even would like to play some of the older games like Oblivion, Motorstorm, God of War 2, Ape Escape 3, etc, etc. (and some more Super Stardust HD of course!)

Honestly, not everyone has that much spare time. Watching a movie every now and then, playing a game every now and then, maybe going out and doing other fun stuff already covers most of many people's spare time. With regard to Lair, I will wait for the demo, I'm not at all in a hurry.


Deja vu??

Everytime someone mentions the lack of games on the PS3 you start ranting about playing Stardust and old PS2 games...


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