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PS360N64PSXBOX said:
vanguardian1 said:

Japan matters to a lot of us, as not all of us enjoy Halo, Grand Theft Auto or Dungeons & Dragons. Speaking for myself, 90% of my console game collection is Japanese.

Edit : Oh, and you aren't right 90% of the time outside of your own biased perspective.


1) I am going based on worldwide trends and total sales. And D&D? They still make those? Well, 0% of my collection is Japanese, I have a game made in Europe. Mostly american. If you look at games they don't impact us as much as they used to.

2) Saying I'm wrong doesn't mean I am. ;)

You are telling me you don't own any games made by: Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Konami, Capcom, Square-Enix, Bandai, Namco, etc? Do you even play games, or do you just argue on forums about them?