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Not to double post. But thanks to people like ranzchic I see no benefit in this thread. I will give my attention and truth to other threads. And Ranzchic, I suggest chilling out and maybe growing up a bit. There is no need to threaten mods to get rid of people you don't like. If you are the average wii owner....nevermind. You need to hook into a low jack. You should have atleast been warned to stop...I know why you werent...But I won't say it. Chill out, stop flaming, actually try to disprove people and learn to respect other peoples views instead of attacking them. And shams.....Forget it, you are not worth it. Here is an ice cube, cool down.

Predicting the Future - 360 Will get to 11 Million in the USA this year!!

Predicting the Future - Wii will NOT win this gen in America!!

Prediciting the Future - The PS3 will pass the Wii by 2009!!