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PS360N64PSXBOX said:
and what does that article have to do with my comments? Thats right...NOTHING! EA felt they underestimated the Wii, your point? Does that mean I was wrong in saying the last two number 2 systems were #3 in Japan? NO! Both the N64 and Xb finished that way. Does that mean I was wrong about what I said about the PS sales? No, I was indeed correct, they won without Japan. Does this mean I was wrong in saying Japan's influence in the gaming industry is declining? No, they indeed are. Does this mean GTA will be on the Wii? No. In fact it won't. And just incase you missed it, 4 of the top ten titles were 360 games to, Nintendo used to do better and even have all the top 10. Does this mean I like the Wii? No Does this mean I should? No Does this mean it won? No Does this mean EA is going over board? Yes Does your post mean anything? Nope.

The post was relevant to the thread, as EA, Ubisoft, and several other companies creating exclusive software out for the Wii.

So with Japan shrinking maybe they should stop selling games and hardware there?  Maybe those of us who love their games should give up console gaming as well?  Nintendo is certainly doing very well in Japan, their platforms are selling just as well there as they are anywhere else, which right now is completely sold out still, for both the DS and Wii, in all 3 regions which neither the PS3 and 360 are anywhere near accomplishing.

Are you part of Take Two or Rockstar?  How do you know they won't make a Wii version of GTA?  I doubt you have any say so in the company, no offense.  Your crystal ball is no better than mine, they're both cheap pieces of glass that say "MADE IN CHINA" on the bottom. ;)

 And yes, the 360 had many titles in the top 10, they'd better with several higher quality games and 3x the North American install base.  If they didn't, that wouldn't look too good, would it?

 I myself am not asking you to like the Wi, but if you keep berating our discussions about it with your own unwelcome commentary, then does that give me permission to begin berating the 360 and PS3 whenever you try to support your opinions?  Others may do it, but I'm certainly not trying to.

Nobody is crazy enough to accuse me of being sane.