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and what does that article have to do with my comments? Thats right...NOTHING! EA felt they underestimated the Wii, your point? Does that mean I was wrong in saying the last two number 2 systems were #3 in Japan? NO! Both the N64 and Xb finished that way. Does that mean I was wrong about what I said about the PS sales? No, I was indeed correct, they won without Japan. Does this mean I was wrong in saying Japan's influence in the gaming industry is declining? No, they indeed are. Does this mean GTA will be on the Wii? No. In fact it won't. And just incase you missed it, 4 of the top ten titles were 360 games to, Nintendo used to do better and even have all the top 10. Does this mean I like the Wii? No Does this mean I should? No Does this mean it won? No Does this mean EA is going over board? Yes Does your post mean anything? Nope.

Predicting the Future - 360 Will get to 11 Million in the USA this year!!

Predicting the Future - Wii will NOT win this gen in America!!

Prediciting the Future - The PS3 will pass the Wii by 2009!!