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PS360N64PSXBOX said:
ranzchic said:

Fact: Japan has a disproportionate number of developer to userbase ratio.


Fact: Japan is home to half of the world's most influential developers.


Fact: No console has ever won a console war without winning Japan.


Opinion: Even with the meme that Japan's infleunce is diminishing and Western Developer's clout growing, that's still not enough to just discount Japan completely. In a generation or two, maybe. Not this one, though.


You can also no console has won the console war without winning the USA. It can also be said that the past two second place systems in the console war were #3 in Japan. Xbox was #3 in Japan but #2 in the world and the N64 was #3 in Japan but #2 in the world. In fact the Xbox got killed in Japan but made it up elsewhere, so Japan's infleunce is on the decline. In fact even if you take away PS 1 and 2's Japan's sales and give the PS1 sales to the N64 and the PS2 to GC...And double them...The Playstation systems would still have won those gens...without Japan.. So FACT: Japan didn't matter than and it doesn't really matter now. More systems are being made to gear to a US and European audience and the European region has already outsold Japan...Sorry, Japan is on the way out...FACT! Also all the top 20 Games of all time..Japan didn't lead them..the America's did....

Huh? Is that claim based on your own personal list of top 20 games? The last I checked Nintendo and Square were in Japan...or do you mean games sold?  Either way, the creators are in Japan, so it matters.  Sony and Nintendo create consoles...they are in Japan.