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stof said:

Wow. The "That doesn't interest me" argument. Be it a country, console or game, it's still the worst argument you can make.

Saying, I don't think this game/console will do well is fine

Saying I don't like this game/console is fine

Saying I don't think this game/console will do well because I don't like it is assinine. 

Saying you don't care about the DQ series doesn't mean it's suddenly not a very important franchise.



Japan doesn't interest me and I don't really care about DQ. DQ is a Japan seller and I don't live in Japan...So why should I care? Japan doesn't interest me mainly because I don't live in Japan and it's market is of very little importance to me. All I care about is if the systems and games I like do well here...Which isn't japan.

Will DQ do well in Japan? Yes

Do I care? No.

I never said it wouldn't do well, Just that I didn't care...which I don't. The USA is the largest market and I live here so I will obviously care about it. Europe only interests me because it's growing fast and they have more interests closer to my own than Japan. Japan is falling behind, watch Europe they are rising fast.

Predicting the Future - 360 Will get to 11 Million in the USA this year!!

Predicting the Future - Wii will NOT win this gen in America!!

Prediciting the Future - The PS3 will pass the Wii by 2009!!