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Quantum-Tarantino said:
PS360N64PSXBOX said:
Quantum-Tarantino said:
PS360N64PSXBOX said:
Quantum-Tarantino said:

Doesn't Matter hus, SONY has died this generation, they will have a few diehards, who wont let go (IE, less than the Gamecube last GEN) and developers will port thier PS3 titles to the 360, and start developing for the wii.


Godfather for Wii is MUCH greater than Godfather for PS3, as one example.


Not even close. Sony is far from dead and will survive. I know you want it dead, but the PS3 is fine and will find it's legs later this year and has some ULTRAMEGATONBOMBS coming this year and next in GTA4, MGS, RE5 and FFXIII.

GTA4 is huge, and will be cross platform for all 3. Look at the success of the godfather on wii, GTA4 on wii is a no brainer. Sure it will look prettier on the other consoles, but pretty isnt a deciding factor.

 MGS is NOT a AAA title in Japan, and is mainly a seller in the USA. 800K for MGS3 is nothing.

 FF is not he premiere JRPG franchise, granted, the FF franchise will sell consoles in USA, but it is dragon quest that gets the numbers in japan, with DQ9 announced for DS (it will sell 5m easy) and Square Enix about to announce DQ10 for the Wii, FF13 for PS3 suddenly seems less relevant.

For the record, DQ8 sold 2,267,827 copies in its first WEEK, FF12 sold 2,328,910 to DATE. Thats a HUGE discrepancy.

RE5 again, RE is not a AAA franchise, selling only 450k copies of 4 in japan, not a good sign, RE5 isnt going to be a HUGE seller.


You do know that GTA4 is only for PS3 and 360 right? It will be out in october for those systems only. GTA4 is not for the Wii nor will it be. Nintendo wants it, but rockstar has not granted that request.

 GTA4 WILL be on the Wii, count on it.

All of the GTA4 sequels (IE San Andreas/Vice City) will be on WII

DQ10 will be a Wii exclusive

FF wll shift its focus to the Wii, and will sell HALF the software DQ9 for the DS will sell

MGS will not be a million seller in Japan

RE5 will not be a million seller in Japan

 Your AAA titles, are not going to be a boon to the PS3


GTA4 will NOT be on the Wii. Bank on it! None of it's sequals nor future ones. Nintendo wants them but they won't get them. I guarantee you this! I don't get why anybody would believe GTA4 will go to the Wii...the Wii doesn't have enough power to play it. I know Nintendo wanted it, but other than that there is what?

DQ10? Don't really care

FF? Wrong, If anything it will go to the 360 as FF sells best in america and 360 can hold it, Wii can't.

Japan doesn't interest me, the USA and Europe do. Japan is falling fast into a 3rd place market.

PS3's AAA titles will be a HUGE boost.


Windbane you are right, there is no reason to alter a finished game so much. If anything it will be like Resident Evil on GC, it would get past titles and a version all its own which would be ported to another system at a later date.  But seriously doubt it as Nintendo has a more family friendly base and GTA might not sell as well and Rockstar knows it. That and Take Two is in serious economic trouble right now and I have a feeling Microsoft may buy it.

Predicting the Future - 360 Will get to 11 Million in the USA this year!!

Predicting the Future - Wii will NOT win this gen in America!!

Prediciting the Future - The PS3 will pass the Wii by 2009!!