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Quantum-Tarantino said:

Doesn't Matter hus, SONY has died this generation, they will have a few diehards, who wont let go (IE, less than the Gamecube last GEN) and developers will port thier PS3 titles to the 360, and start developing for the wii.

Godfather for Wii is MUCH greater than Godfather for PS3, as one example.

So much better that it's a good 1.7% better than the PS2 version's ratings. The reason the PS3 reviews are even lower is the lack of changes to the game from the PS2 version. Still, you may like it a lot more (assuming you played both), but 1.7% isn't exactly a decisive percentage.

I think the predictions of Sony's defeat this generation are greatly exaggerated.

Oh, and congrats to the Wii for getting exclusives. Half of them are mario games but I hope it does well.